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Safe backfilling


High production costs, safety concerns, environmental aspects and so on are forcing mine operators to undertake extensive restructuring. Backfilling of residues from mines and power stations plays an important role. The core components of such installations are S-transfer tube pumps (KOS), seat valve pumps (HSP) and ZX piping systems from Putzmeister:


■   Conveying distances up to 11 km from the mixing facility located on the surface to the backfill location underground and with no pumps installed on route

■   Up to 400 m3/h conveying capacities

■   Up to 150 bar operating pressure

■   Suitable for abrasive material


Advantages of the system

  • Closed loop of washery tailings: mine pit – treatment – mine pit
  • Increased stability of the mining structures
  • Better exploitation of deposits
  • Safe and clean transport in pipelines
  • High operational safety and reliability
  • Low wear costs
  • Lower specific energy consumption
  • Reduced water circulating

Bio Mass

Conveyance of various types of biomasses

Putzmeister industrial engineering has experience with the conveyance of bio- mass since the end of the 1980’s. The unique design of the pumps enables us to convey various types of biomasses, even when containing foreign bodies such as knives, spoons, bottle caps or glass, which can dramatically disturb the fermentation process.

As compared to other conveying systems, the treatment of biomass with reduced lifecycle costs is guaranteed when using hydraulically-driven piston pumps.

Furthermore Putzmeister also developed a process to separate out foreign particles during the pump process.

A fault-free and non-stalling construction of the pump and feed lines is necessary when pumping biomass, bio-waste and food waste from house- holds, supermarkets, restaurants or other sources. Everything that disturbs the flow can lead to clogging or blockages.


Get a hold of the detailed Putzmeister Products & Application Guide.

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