About Us


Beasley’s Hydraulic Services (ABN 12 010 221 922) is a privately owned company providing Fluid Power Solutions to business, industry and government departments.

Beasley’s Hydraulic Services is based in Bundaberg and services Wide Bay, Queensland, Australian and International organisations. The people behind Beasley’s have extensive industry qualifications and experience in all aspects of the fluid power industry including the design, manufacture, installation, repair, testing and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic operating systems.

Beasley’s Hydraulic Services also carries an extensive range of hoses and fittings, o’rings and seals, pneumatic components, adaptors and associated items.


Beasley’s considers that it is an imperative of Australian companies and organisations to address the following:

Client Satisfaction

Beasley’s regard our clients as the focus on which all our business activities depend.

Excellent Training

Beasley’s is renowned for its problem solving capabilities and
exceptional attention to detail. One of the reasons for this, is we
are constantly training our personnel to ensure that Beasley’s
is up-to-date and can effectively compete in the modern,
continually changing business environment.

Tailored Solutions

We place a high level of importance on initial meetings with a view to understanding the exact outcomes that our client requires. Once this has been established we are able to design a system that will meet these needs. Our system design now incorporates the management of other disciplines as we provide turnkey solutions for our clients.

Holding several key distributorships allows us to access the most suitable product for each application. This enables us to research the client’s unique needs and apply components that most accurately fit those needs. 20 years in the industry has provided us with a wealth of experience and we use that to our clients advantage by frequently applying solutions from one industry to another.

Staying Current

We recognise the changing business environment and we
develop strategies, skills and facilities to deal with this. We aim
to progressively improve our business and working environment
through continual review of policies and procedures, the
effective use of company resources, improving communications
and encouraging pride in our business.

Standards Compliant

Beasley’s has developed and is implementing an Integrated
Management System (IMS) which satisfies the all of the
requirements of:
AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 – Quality management systems –
AS/NZS ISO 14001:1996 – Environmental management systems –
Specification with guidance for use
AS/NZS 4801:2001 – Occupational health and safety
management systems – Specification with guidance for use

Experienced Personnel

We currently employ 21 staff members, 4 in internal sales, 3 in administration, 11 in our service department, and 3 in management.
Wayne Swann is the General Manager and is an exCase
Product Performance Manager who has extensive
knowledge gained through his many years in the industry.
He has previously been the very capable Service Manager
for Beasley’s for over 15 years. Wayne is responsible
for the day to day operation of Beasley’s, ensuring the
company standards and ethos are entrenched in the daily
operations. Peter Beasley is the Business Development
Manager of Beasley’s and assists wherever and whenever
required. Peter had a vision a number of years ago, to
develop Beasley’s into an engineering and maintenance
company specialising in fluid power solutions. Today
Beasley’s is renowned for its problem solving capabilities
and exceptional attention to detail. Mike Wilson is our
Internal Sales Manager. Mike is responsible for managing
our sales team, ensuring the company meets and exceeds
client retail expectations.

Our head office Corporate Accounts run the administration
duties of the business. We realise the importance of having
the ‘paperwork’ correct, and our Integrated Management
Systems and procedures reflect this. Jillian Beasley assists
in the Bundaberg office.
Internal Sales:
Our sales team consists of Noel Brookes, Kelvin Jones &
Daniel Fenton. Their combined experience, coupled with
their willingness to serve has enabled them to provide an
exceptionally high level of service.
Nathan Harvey is our Workshop Foreman. He is a
fully qualified Diesel Fitter with a 2nd trade in Heavy
Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology. Nathan is
presently studying his Cert IV in Engineering Fluid Power.
He is ably assisted by our Service Secretary Susan Harbottle
who has over 30 year experience in the administration
sector. Brendan Beasley, Josh Turner, Joe Vella, Zac
McNally, Sam Ellison (fully qualified Diesel Fitter Service
Technicians, most with a 2nd trade) Cameron Duly &
Hayden Raines (Diesel Fitter Apprentices) are the workshop
service technicians.
Mobile Hose Support:
Our service department also supports 3 Mobile Hose
vehicles which are operated by Andy Burnet, Reg Baldwin
& Malcolm Scott. They are all knowledgeable, skilled &
qualified service technicians.

Extensive Range of Stock

Our clients are often operating in critical performance
areas and do not have the luxury of waiting for components to
repair or replace a failed item. It has been this concern that
has guided our stock holding policy, to the point where we now
hold the largest range of hose and fittings, o’rings and seals,
pneumatic components, adaptors and associated items in the
Wide Bay area. We do this, as mentioned, for a very simple
reason… to serve our clients better. See our range.

Powerful Equipment

In a competitive marketplace, there is a need to be continually
reviewing and assessing the ability of your existing systems and
structures to effectively service the needs of your clients. To
this end, we have recently completed the upgrading of our
test facilities to complement the already extensive plant and
equipment used in our business.

This has enabled us to offer our clients a more accurate testing
environment for large capacity pumps and motors of both
the open and closed loop design up to 240 hp. This results in
reduced costs and less downtime.

Our service facilities include our purpose designed cylinder
repair bench with a torque motor capacity of 50,000 foot
pounds and our custom designed test benches for valves,
cylinders, pumps and motors.

Our service vehicles are fully equipped with all the necessary
items, which enable us to provide on-site servicing on a 24hr/7
day a week basis. This is achieved through the use of mobile
phones for all service personnel.


Wayne Swann
General Manager
Beasley’s Hydraulic Services

Thank you for your time in allowing me to introduce Beasley’s Hydraulic Services to you and your company. Our company can be of assistance to you because of our:

Skilled personnel resources
Extensive stock holdings
Equipment resources

I am looking forward to being of service to you and to a mutually rewarding relationship. If we are able to help you in any way or you would like information on any of our products and services, please feel free to contact us.